Privacy Policy

We understand how important your privacy is. It is due these reasons, customer privacy is one of the most significantfactors, we put emphasis on. We have developed strict rules and regulations to make sure that confidential information of customers is kept secure.

Plimus has developed the fine system which the company’s website is using for its payment handling. The greatest feature of the system is that it ensures the processing of all the transactions by a secure channel. Furthermore it is also convenient for the client as it offers the most advance mode of payment which enables the client to make transactions that are completely risk free. The client does not need to bother about any incident where he might lose his confidential information to any third party. The payment system makes sure that such incidents are not possible to happen.

We use highly efficient and technically advanced systems and servers to store the most feasibly important information. It includes data such as the IP address, the period of site duration, type of the browser used, domain name of the computer and the areas of the website navigated by the client.

We maintain a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. It is due to this reason, we make sure that the content we provide is original and plagiarism free. In case if any discrepancies are found, these can be settled by contacting the website.

In order to facilitate further and provide help, we aim to provide links to related websites. You would find these links at our website. However it must be noted that no responsibility is hereby taken for information provided by these websites and the privacy policy formulated by them. It is suggested in the best interests of the client to completely aware himself of the disclaimers of the websites visited before utilizing the information provided by them via any means.