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If we need to paint the walls of a house, we turn to the painters. When our teeth hurt, we go to the dentist. If we need college essay help, then why not contact the specialists. Many people out there can do one's homework, lab report, or research project much better and faster than the average student. Saving time is extremely necessary for everyone, especially students because most often, various essays and other papers eat all of the time available. There are many online services ready to help with writing tasks, and it is worth comparing them before placing an order to find the best option. Also, using the services of a writing company allows you to monitor the writing process at different stages and then use the paper as an excellent example. And it helps with further training and mastering of one's writing and narrating skills. After all, having an excellent example of how to complete a task helps fulfill it independently in the future.

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Over the last 10 years, Essay-Writing-Cheap has been providing a premium cheap essay writing service to help students who, just like you, want to succeed in their university or college studies.

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Every assignment that we provide comes complete with an in-depth quality report, a full plagiarism scan that shows the assignment is completely original and access to our Customer Control Panel – where you can request amendments up to 7 days after your assignment has been delivered.

Comprehensive Quality

A consistently high-standard cheap essay writing service

As the UK’s premium academic writing service provider, we know that when you come to us you expect perfection. We know that assignments can come with all sorts of requirements, which is why we take great care and ensure that your writer follows every single instruction that you provide.

Assignments are a general term used to cover any type of work which you are given as part of your course.

In the UK, most assignments are called essays; however, we know that terminology varies globally and we’re capable of assisting students from all over the world, thanks to our experts based in the UK, United States and Australia.

We know that some assignments require additional extras, such as calculations, which all of our writers are capable of completing at a small additional fee.

Our assignment writers cover the vast majority of degree courses. We only ever use degree-specific experts for your work.

Some of the most common requests for assignments are the inclusion of graphs, calculations and diagrams. We can also use specialist course-specific software, such as EViews and Matlab, if the assignment requires it.

If the production of these requires additional time beyond that required to write the word count of the essay, we charge a small additional fee, which is agreed before the order is written.

We never have hidden costs and will never charge you more for your work to be completed once work has begun. Once you receive your email to say your writer has begun work, you can relax and leave the hard work and research to us.

We deliver all assignments in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) format. We are, however, capable of delivering in alternative formats – simply let us know what you require when placing your order. Some of the formats in which we have been asked to deliver work are:

No matter which file format you require, we can normally help. We have access to a wide variety of software used by students for assignments. This includes specialist packages such as EViews and Matlab, which may be required for analysis in economics assignments, for example.

We’ll only ever let a writer take on your order if they are qualified to do so. This means that, when you receive your order from Essays Uk, you can expect all of the technical details to be correct. Not only will your writer be qualified in your subject of study, they will also have received that qualification in the same country in which you’re studying.

University education standards vary globally, so we know it’s vital that our UK customers only have writers who are qualified in the UK. The same applies to our US and Australian customers, who only have their work written by American and Australian writers respectively. We also grade your order against your country’s grading system.

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Additional service features

Helping you to get more from your assignment order

We offer these additional features as standard with all orders:

Changes to your work within 7 days of delivery.

Bibliography and references are excluded from the word count you order.

Help locating the sources referenced in your assignment.

Complete confidentiality, as we don’t share your personal details with any other company.

We don’t resell or publish the work you paid for; it’s unique and just for you.

All our writers are tried and tested before working on customers’ orders.

We guarantee delivery of minor changes within 24 hours.

We can also offer the following at an additional cost:

Upgrade to our Elite Writing Service with one of our top 3 writers in your subject, changes to your work allowed for up to 3 months and your own personal account manager in our Customer Experience team.

Additional assignment requirements including calculations, diagrams and statistical analysis.

The Premium Cheap Essay Writing Service

We don't just guarantee that the work will be delivered on time, plagiarism-free and to the standard you ordered – we have systems in place to ensure that we meet these guarantees. We take every available measure to ensure we don't let you down. After all, a refund is no consolation for getting a lower grade than you ordered.

Hours of work go into producing every single quality control report to make sure that the work we provide fully meets your requirements. Not only do quality reports correct any small errors in your work before delivery, but they are also used to train and improve the quality of our writing team so we can continue to provide the highest quality assignments in the industry. You will receive a copy of this report for peace of mind, allowing you to go over everything we've checked and ask any follow up questions you may have.

If you use our order to create your own work, but fail to get the grade when you submit it - then we will completely refund your order. This is how confident we are that the work we provide to you is that good!

We know how important it is to receive your custom assignment before your submission deadline. Not only do you need time to check the accuracy of the assignment that we have provided, but also the time to learn from the assignment and prepare your work for submission to your university.

Here at Essays Uk, we monitor the progress of our researchers and proactively prevent problems that could prevent the delivery of your work on time.

We have developed our own piece of plagiarism-checking software to scan the work we provide. This works in the same way as TurnItIn or WriteCheck. We scan both online sources and our own databases to ensure that researchers provide work that is 100% original. We will provide a copy of this report with your order so you can see evidence of the plagiarism check.

An assignment can be any type of task that you are given as part of your college or university studies. This can include essays - which are a type of assignment. We separate our assignment and essay writing services for several reasons:

  1. We don't just write essays – we can provide help with all sorts of tasks including statistical analysis, reflective practice, annotated bibliographies, programming, and mathematics assignments.
  2. Terminology changes globally – in the US and Australia especially, coursework and essays are more frequently referred to as 'assignments'. If you're from either of these countries, we want you to know that we have the expert knowledge required to meet your assignment requirements, without you having to figure out UK-based essay terminology.

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Placing an order couldn't be simpler

We know that finalising your order should be straightforward, which is why you can complete our order form in a matter of minutes. Simply enter all required information into the form and follow the easy steps to complete your checkout. Once your order has been paid for our UK based team will find a relevant and qualified writer to complete the writing of your asignment.

Track the progress of your order using our unique customer control panel by selecting 'My Account' from the homepage. Once written, your assignment will be delivered to your account where you will be able to download it and request any necessary amendments, it really couldn't be simpler.