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Every academic paper should be written in accordance with the requirements of the educational institution. It is obvious that all academic papers have different structures and raise different problems. The current article contains the discussion of simple essay writing as a way to make the process of writing essay papers easier and more interesting.

The most difficult part is the topic and ideas. When you have chosen the topic for discussion and have plenty of ideas to develop in the academic paper, you can start simple essay writing. The process consists of five steps of simple essay writing:

  1. The first step of simple essay writing consists in collecting information. It is obvious that you do not want to lack thoughts and ideas on the topic under discussion. You should search for relevant information in the Internet databases or within library materials for simple essay writing.
  2. The next step of simple essay writing tells you about necessity of inserting short sentences as well as long ones. You should combine sentences of different length and structures.
  3. Step number three of simple essay writing presupposes specific words that are aimed at making your academic paper a monolith. I mean that the text should have smooth transitions from one paragraph to another, from one complete thought or argument to the next one.
  4. The fourth step of simple essay writing consists in using passive or active voice. Active voice is considered to be an integral part of clear thoughts and ideas. The passive one means that the thoughts are not well-structured.
  5. The fifth step of simple essay writing tells about peculiarities of references and citation. When you want to cite a scientist, philosopher, or another public person, you should use active voice structures and proper references. Take into consideration style of an academic paper for simple essay writing.