How to Write IELTS Model Essays

International English Language Testing System, also known as IELTS, is one of the forms of English standardized tests that aim at checking students’ proficiency. IELTS usually focus on students’ writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities. Right now, we will talk about IELTS model essays and the requirements that have to be met.

IELTS model essays are considered to be a part of IELTS test that a person has to pass in one day. These IELTS model essays may be of two types: academic (for institutions of higher education) and general (for schools and work). Though these two types of IELTS model essays differ considerably, the general requirements for completing this paper are the same.

IELTS model essays consist of two writing tasks that have to be prepared within 60 minutes without breaks:

  • 150-word IELTS model essays (20 minutes)

Usually, students read a situation that requires a thorough analysis or evaluation of some historical events. Their IELTS model essays must present reports for tutors, lectures, or other experts. This is why this type of work has to be performed on a professional level.

  • 250-word IELTS model essays (40 minutes)

This type of IELTS model essays is addressed to an educated reader without special background knowledge on the chosen topic. It may be a statement, and the writer’s task is to prove whether he/she agrees or disagrees with it. It may be a situation where the writer has to take a certain position and explain his/her choice.

It is crucially important to understand time limitations and try to organize the work properly. Your level of knowledge should allow you thinking over each point, to brainstorm your ideas, and present the best answer. Good luck!